An unusual quiet settled through the Alice athletic department office Thursday.

With only a couple of hours left in his day — his final day as Alice High School’s athletic director and head coach — Chris Soza carried on like any other day.

He walked out of his office for a bit to put away Coyote football awards in the trophy cases which line the athletic department.

“I had these in my office. The kids brought them back, and I wanted to put them up where they belong,” he said as he placed the plaques back in the trophy case. “I don’t want them to get lost.”

Afterwards, he was back in his office sorting away some papers. His office was cleaned up. Only boxes of old game films and personal belongings filled the conference table in the room where he often held coaches meetings. His personal iPad was put away back in its box. All of the helmets, footballs and old photographs which once lined the walls were gone. The closet in his office was lined with some Alice coaching shirts, jackets and caps, just like he found it when he arrived here in the spring of 2009.

“Gotta make room for the new guy coming in,” Soza said. “I’m going to take my stuff and close this chapter of my life and start another one.

“It comes with the territory. It’s part of coaching. As a coach, we move around here and there. It doesn’t mean you like to do it necessarily, but it’s just part of it.”

The Alice school board accepted Soza’s resignation last week and made Thursday his last day at the school. As part of his resignation, he received a partial payout of his contract.

Soza made announced at the Alice Coyote Booster Club's Fall Sports Banquet in December that he would not be the district’s athletic director or head football coach next season. His decision to leave Alice followed a rough couple of months in which his work days were cut from his contract by the school district resulting in a pay cut of some $10,000. He filed a grievance against the district, but lost. Following the end of football season, Soza was reassigned to an assistant principal position at William Adams Middle School. He resigned instead.

For now, Soza’s in search of a new job.

“Where will I land?” Sosa said. “Hopefully like a cat on my feet.”

Soza said he’s applied at several schools, and is now simply waiting.

“Right now I don’t have anything,” he said. “I’ve applied at some places and I have some leads, but it takes time. There’s a process to it. That’s how most jobs work anyway. My plan is I’m going to continue coaching. I’d like to be a head football coach/athletic director. That’s my goal. That’s what I do.”

The Coyotes finished the year 6-4 and one game out of the state playoffs. It was the second year in a row that the Coyotes missed the state playoffs.

Under Soza, the Coyotes were a combined 49-29 through seven seasons. Alice reached the state playoffs in five of the season seasons.
The following is a break down of how the Coyotes did in Soza’s seven seasons here.

2009: 7-4 and 5-2. Second runner-up in 31-4A behind Flour Bluff and Calallen. Bi-district finalists.
2010: 7-4 and 5-1. District 31-4A runner-up behind Calallen. Bi-district finalists.
2011: 4-7 and 3-3. Bi-district finalists
2012: 9-4 and 5-2. District 31-4A second runner-up. Regional quarterfinalists.
2013: 10-2 and 6-1. District 31-4A runner-up. Area finalists.
2014: 6-4 and 4-4. Missed the state playoffs.
2015: 6-4 and 4-4. Missed the state playoffs.