Of late there has been a lot of movement here at the newspaper. As many of you know, we moved our physical printing from this office to a consolidated facility over two years ago.

Several weeks ago we began moving old equipment out of the building, along with trash that has been accumulating for the past two years. The equipment in most cases comprised of outdated technology that is of no use and no value. In a few cases, we were able to find print operations here in Texas that had a use for the specific technology some of our equipment provided. Broken desks, old computer monitors and other incidentals were also disposed of.

Yes, we are looking to sell the current newspaper building BUT we are not closing the business nor are we leaving Alice. In fact, we have commissioned a local realtor to begin the search for a new facility, a facility to house all the people we currently have in our Main Street offices. As a media concern we are doing very well and that is a credit to the employees here and the residents of the communities we serve.

The reason for the move is simple. The building is entirely too large for us. Technology has changed how we live and breathe and the media business is no different. Over half the building we have is no longer utilized and sits dark and dormant.

I find it ironic that those who are making noises about our demise as a local media company have none of the facts. I know this because no one has asked me directly and I am the only individual with that information. We also often hear the criticism that we are not locally owned and operated. In fact nearly every single employee at the Alice Echo News-Journal is a native Alician and those who arenít have paid their dues and have served this community well. As far as being owned by a corporation, that is accurate and we donít apologize for it. As an aside, there are quite a few corporate owned companies in Alice. Our parent company is a Texas based firm owned and operated on Texas values.

In a recent editorial in our Sunday newspaper, editor Mauricio Cuellar said it perfectly; ďIn the paper I work for, in the journalism I practice and I love, residents get the triumph and the tragedy, the happiness and the pain. You get real life and the truth..."

If you want the truth, just ask. We have been your local news and information source for over 100 years and we have every intention of continuing that tradition for many years to come. We are financially sound and we are enthused about the future of Alice and the surrounding area. Yes, we have our faults and yes we make mistakes but every employee here is dedicated to serving you. We are the leader in print and digital information in Alice and we plan to stay with you every step of the way.

As always, we truly thank you for your support.