We are use to our world changing and making the adjustments needed to live in a new world. However, with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we have had to revert into a world in our homes, teaching our children and relying on technology to make connections with the outside world.

I’m one who loves to be at home and rest, but I too have found myself with cabin fever. No longer can I go shopping in my favorite stores; no longer can I take a trip with my children. All non-essential businesses are closed and more closures may come in the future.

As a journalist I have prided myself on being able to cover community events like what our children are doing with their education, showing the community how our elderly continue being an essential part of our community and letting the community know if they need to stay clear of an area due to an accident or an active crime scene. However, many of our stories are now to keep you informed of this world pandemic.

Because schools are closed parents are know homeschooling. While a parent is always the first teacher in a child’s life we have to think are we qualified to teach our children. I maybe able to help my children with some work I definitely can’t help with math. And what about the parents who work outside the home because they are part of the essential workers?

Our days were structured and planned to help us work and relax. Now, it seems, that we are in a state of confusion and overwhelmed with this world pandemic.

Our nurses, doctors and first responders are overloaded with patients who may or may not have the virus. They, and we, must act as if everyone is infected. No one is safe from catching the virus. It’s sad to hear that those who have vowed to heal us are sick and those who have vowed to protect us aren’t protected. How do we help them?

The only way to get through this terrible virus is to listen to the stay-at-home orders our leaders have imposed. It’s better to stay at home and be safe than going to the store for a bag of chips and possibly get infected and than spreading that infection to our grandparents, parents and our children.

Thankfully, our businesses have adapted to the changes of today’s world and have curbside service or delivery. We need to use these services for everyone’s safety. These aren’t luxuries any more. They are essential for everyone’s health.

Normal, everyday activities aren’t possible until we stop the spread of the coronavirus. No haircuts, no nails or eyelashes done. No fun at the movies, no large gatherings with our families. Children are missing out on birthday parties and weddings are being postponed. Events that we took for granted.

The majority of us have been asked to work at home if possible. While lots of us can do that, there are also may distractions at home. When I’m at home I’m thinking about the dishes, laundry and cleaning. I have to make sure that my children are working on school work, if they have eaten, if their rooms are clean and if they’ve been outside for fresh air (ranch life). Are we making a good use of the time that we’re at home?

Our personal time like date nights are out of the question. Visiting a friend or a relative are also off limits. We can’t visit our elderly parents and grandparents at the nursing home. We are separated by a glass door or window so that we can keep them safe from this disease.

We can no longer go to church to fellowship and worship. While our God is great and mighty, we stay away from the church building for safety and health concerns. We know that God will and has healed us, but He also asks us to follow the laws of the land. Laws that say stay home and no more than 10 people in one place. We have turned to social media and technological advances to hear our pastors and priests preach the word of God that we so desperately need at this time.

Eventually, this disease will pass. We will once again be able to travel and gather. We will be able to hug one another.

Until that becomes reality let’s stay home, let’s be safe, let’s use this time to get closer to our families.

Stay safe, stay healthy and God bless.