Letter to Editor:

At the last Alice City Council Meeting (5-25-17), the New Council Vote 2:1 and one Abstained to OPEN the MUC Natatorium, with NO PLAN as to how much it will Cost Alice Taxpayers nor where the Money was coming from! Viva La MUC. 

During a “Heated” Debate involving Councilman Pete Crisp and Mayor Jolene Vanover’s request to have a detailed Workshop involving the Cost to Alice Taxpayers of Opening the MUC (with Councilwoman Yolanda Sosa Moran “Strongly Opposing any Workshop”) nor any discussion about Cost. 

In the middle of the Debate and “Out of Nowhere”, Moran made a Motion to OPEN the MUC Natatorium regardless of the Cost to Alice Taxpayers (with no Financial Plan or Operating Plan in place). Then, as if it was “Planned in Advance”, within seconds Councilwoman Elida Garza rubber stamped a Second to Moran’s Motion.

When it came time to Vote on Moran’s Motion to OPEN the MUC Natatorium, regardless cost to Alice Taxpayers; Moran and Garza instantly Voted YES, however, Cynthia Carassco (after a long delay) ABSTAINED. Councilman Pete Crisp was the “Lone Wolf” and Voted AGAINST Open the MUC Natatorium with NO PLAN nor Limit on Cost to Alice Taxpayers. MORAN’S MOTION PASSED! Since there was not a tie, Mayor Vanover was not allowed to Vote.

THE PITIFUL THING ABOUT THOSE WOMEN’S VOTE WAS THAT THEY KNEW (or should have known) THAT THE CITY WAS IN A BAD FINANCIAL CONDITION (even after the City raised our Tax Rate by 95 percent).

Just before the Vote, the City Accounting Department had presented a Budget Status Report (as of April 30, 2017) that showed that, Year to Date, ALL of the following City Funds and Departments had already OVER spent their YTD Budgets; GENERAL FUND, MUC Fund, Finance Dept., Information Tech., FIRE DEPARTMENT, POLICE DEPARTMENT, PARKS DEPARTMENT.

Pete Crisp and the Mayor Vanover wanted to have a workshop to determine the Cost and where the Money could possibly come from, prior to Voting to UNCONDITIONALLY Opening the MUC Natatorium.


Newell Atkinson III 

Concerned Taxpayer 

Alice, Texas