Letter to Editor: 

I’m going to take a moment to boast on our amazing students and school district. Our school district is having one of the most prolific school years that we have seen in a very long time. When I stop to think about what the students, teachers and coaches have accomplished this school year, it just leaves me with a glowing smile!

Academically we are coming off a year where all three campuses met-standard with our JH receiving multiple academic distinctions. Our Early-College High School has over 100 students enrolled. We have 8 students graduating with associates degrees from Coastal Bend College before they earn their high school diploma this year. We also have 17 students that received Level 1 Certificates in forensic theory and 10 students receive Level 1 Certificates for Nursing Assistant. All of these students participated at the Coastal Bend College graduation ceremony on May 10.

Our ACT scores are on the rise and the amount of students that are going off to two and four year colleges are at a record pace. I feel very confident that we are poised for academic success for many years to come. This is due to the implementation of the TTIPS grant that is providing over $5 million over 5 years to our elementary school for an early childhood initiative that will set up our students for success for years to come.

Academics and UIL extracurricular programs go hand in hand. They help produce well rounded students that are prepared for life. I hope that as you read the following student accomplishments you too are left with a glowing smile: 

Football had many individual accolades. We had one individual receive 1st Team All State Defensive Back recognition and another receive All State Honorable mention Defensive Back. Multiple athletes were recognized to All District teams and several received All-State Academic recognition.

Lady Vaquero Volleyball had an overall record of 22-14, they were the district runner up with a 6-2 record and Bi-District Finalist. Pretty amazing feat since the program had not made the playoffs since the 1980’s.

Both boys and girls basketball had undefeated seasons with playoff runs that included overtime thrilling wins that will forever go down in Vaquero lore. The girls are District and Area Champions and the Boys are District and Bi-District Champions.

Our Mighty Fighting Vaquero Band received Sweepstakes! Obtaining this required them to receive straight 1’s in Marching, Concert and Sight Reading in three separate contests! You have to go back 8 years since the last time that occurred.

Our San Diego high school Mariachi Azul y Oro has made excellence a habit by making its third appearance at state competition with musical performances that warm the heart and cheer the soul.

There is a new club in town and they are called the Botqueros. Robot + Vaquero = Botquero. The San Diego High School Robotics team represented us at district and regional competition. This club a year ago was building robots out of popsicles sticks and went to a full scale Robot that was shooting baskets this school year!

San Diego ISD students are known for strength and heart and no club or team represents that more than our power lifting team. Our power lifting team is “perennial” in the true sense of the word. We have been represented at the State meet on an annual basis for many years. Mention San Diego High School in the powerlifting world and State Championship(s) are quickly part of the discussion.

Tennis and Golf advanced to the regional meet this school year. Again that has not happened in such a longtime; I’d have to dust off books to find out. 

Our Destination Imagination team has grown from Elementary to JH and now HS. These students work nights and weekends to prepare and that is why they have consistently represented San Diego at regional and State competition.

Our track team represented us at district, area, and regional competition. Our Vaqueros have always been fast. Several long standing school records were broken this school year!

Our HS One Act Play put on a performance for the ages. “The Angelina Project” advanced all the way to State competition. This is an accomplishment that has never been done in San Diego One Act Play history! What an ensemble, all of them deserved best actor/actress in my view!

As I type our San Diego HS softball and baseball teams are still in the playoffs. Yes that is right, I said baseball. It is no secret that we have one of the best softball programs in South Texas, but our baseball team is now in the second round and I have high hopes that they are destined for future excellence. It has been a very long time since both boys and girls softball and baseball are competing for fans!

We have two students that are still representing us at the State level; One in State flute competition and another in UIL Academic prose and poetry State competition. We will know the results after this letter is published.

We are in the midst of a very successful year. I have been with the school district going on 17 years and I cannot remember anything like this. We are truly blessed to have such talented students, dedicated staff and supportive parents! Everyone in our school system deserves some recognition for the accomplishments that our students are experiencing. It is not an accident. It requires teaching, coaching, parenting, and administrating. It is an all-around effort from our cafeteria and custodial staff to our elected school board for the work and support that is given to our school district.

I originally titled this newsletter “The Year of the Vaquero” I changed it to “Vaqueros Dream Big Work Hard and Live Right” because I don’t want to leave anyone with the impression that this is going to be a one-time occurrence. The Vaqueros are poised and ready for future success.

With Pride, 

Dr. Samuel Bueno


San Diego I.S.D.