For many years Alice High School has organized and hosted Operation Graduation following commencement ceremonies to provide graduating seniors, who are by then alumni, an opportunity to celebrate a final night together with fellow classmates before heading in different directions to pursue post high school aspirations.

A vast majority of the graduates participate in the festivities that includes food, music and entertainment, games, and gifts. 

The purpose of the event is to provide these youth with a safe haven to gather and be with friends on one of the most memorable nights of their lives. The all night lock-in is a drug-free, alcohol free, fun filled party.

Parents, family members, as well as many other relatives and friends who have travelled to Alice to attend and share in the graduation experience, hope that their graduate will have a positive time with cohorts. While families gather at local homes, motels, restaurants and other establishments to celebrate, they want to be confident the seniors are safe with a responsible activity and setting.

The challenge is that Operation Graduation does cost a substantial amount of dollars to carry out. At one time, the budget was at about $30,000. However, during these days of economic downturn, the goal is to hopefully reach $10,000 to 12,000. But even that has become a struggle to realize as businesses and other donors have reduced their donations.

The community can assist this worthwhile cause by either direct contribution or by sponsoring a fundraising benefit for the students' special night.

Alice is always a caring, giving community. 

Your response will be another demonstration of that never ending generosity. For additional information contact Alice High School.