Alice means noble and we must never forget that we have a legacy and tradition to build our city's future with. Likewise we must never allow others to attempt to teardown our city's resolve and ability to be both resilient and determined as a community to approach the coming year ,and beyond, with with faith and belief in ourselves ,and our capability to be effective and successful. Over the past several years, much time and energy has been expended on several issues that have been at the financial and operational forefront. During 2017, it is imperative that the city and local agenda continue to expand outlook to better serve and represent the broader interests and needs of our city. 

That being said, there are some very definite ideas that should be on the strategic table as we we move ahead in discussion and planning stages. 

1) The best possible utilization of certain service incentives and tax code opportunities to attract and target smaller industrial and retail prospects to available sites.These property sites must also be regionally and nationally advertised thru specialized sources.

2) More concentrated pursuit of available federal block and additional grant opportunities that cover critical infrastructure needs. We need a local summit on this to be attended by Washington representatives of our U.S. congressman, senators,Governor, and agencies. A similar approach could be pursued to develop Lake Findley and surrounding area as an anchor for development for fishing, paddle boats, camping or travel trailer sites and other outdoor recreation, including a bike trail. There is an existing route that should be looked at for possibilities.We must look at ways to promote our city for Winter Texans to return here as part of any economic growth plan.

3) On-going dialog between the city and county on the best avenues for structural and resource improvements within Alice and Jim Wells County.A similar collaborative partnership might be advisable for other programs such as animal services and landfill. We must always consider feasible channels to partner for more economically efficient administration including purchasing,human resources, technology and communications ,and fleet management.

4) Joining with firms and educational and medical institutions to create local program to target training for in demand workforce skills and perhaps including establishment of a regional specialty medical and health/wellness center in such areas as pulmonary, orthopedics urology, industrial dermatology,etc medical and health fields. A similar training program could be established for hospitality industry customer service areas. 

5) Capitalize on entertainment venues such as Tejano Roots to sponsor special events like a multiple day Tejano music fest or our religious community for a regional church choir showcase. Local museums should be revitalized and marketed. The Chamber can undertake a voucher or coupon promotion working with our hoteliers to for summer campaign to stimulate both motel snd restaurant and other businesses with city and county visitors.

6) Bring together all segments of our community together to raise the bar on the sense of civic participation and responsibility, whether as a voter or community volunteer for programs of projects for neighborhoods and youth, animal shelter. or adopting a park. A civic leadership session can be beneficial to reactivate or strengthen public involvement.

We can show resolve and a spirit of renewed commitment to growth and improvements as we head into 2017 and adopt workable agenda initiatives that can flourish and assist us in reaching our noble goal of community success.. Happy New Year!