The Bible is often set aside in many American homes today. For many regular church going families the Bible is left on the shelf at home. The Pastor reads from the Bible and instead of using the Bible in the worship time the words are put up on a screen. We have become a people with little commitment to God, to Church, to Family, or anything other than self. I believe that of all the freedoms we have the freedom to go into a Church to worship is becoming something of the past. More and more people are either staying home or going somewhere else other than church. Hebrews 10:25 says, "Let us not neglect our meeting together...." Are you neglecting the freedom of regular worship? Would you miss going to worship if this freedom was taken from you? Just maybe the reason you don't go to Church is because God isn't personal to you.

Chris Tiegreen in his book, Experiencing God's Presence writes, "You might think the God's presence would be most easily felt in the body of Christ, the church, but that isn't always the case. In fact, there are times and places when it's actually hard to see Him in His body. Yet he insists on being found there, working and moving through the gifts, callings, and desires of His people. When we look at a fellow believer's face, Jesus is behind it somewhere.

Though it may be hard to see His face in others at times, make sure it isn't hard for them to see His face in you. One of the key environments we're called to shape is the church--both inside and outside the walls of the building. We are to be the Presence of Christ among other believers, not only when we worship in one place, but also when we serve together in the world. Whether at church buildings, in homes, or in other venues, we are to give and receive the Presence to and from each other.

How can you be the Presence of God in your church? the same ways you can be His presence anywhere: by expressing His attitudes, speaking His words, seeking His wisdom and revelation, offering His solutions, and exercising His gifts. Anytime you operate in His Spirit, you are offering His Presence to other. And others need that from you as much as you need it from them. That's why meeting together is vital: the Spirit in many is stronger than the Spirit in one.

Bring the Presence into your fellowship with other believers. Learn to see yourself as a bearer of the Spirit--not a perfect one, of course, but an essential one. Learn to see others that way too. The church must be shaped and directed by those who are filled with Him an understand why."

Are you reading the Bible daily and are you filled with His Holy Spirit? You are shaping someone the way you are shaped...are you going to like what you see? Now's the time for change.