Letter to Editor:

I am writing this letter in great concern of our police officer’s salary reduction proposal. The work that police officer’s, perform in our community, is a job that is highly dangerous, and it often appears that the people that you protect do not truly appreciate all that you must deal with in protecting our community. Any routine traffic stop could quickly turn into a life-threatening situation. A reaction too quickly could cost a citizen’s life. A reaction too slowly could cost you your own life.

Alice is located within two hours from three major border crossing and has two major corridors state hi-way’s 281 and 44 passing thru it. They serve as a major artery for drug traffickers and illegal immigrants from different nations who easily cross into the United States from Mexico.

At the wake, of recent terror attacks, targeting police officers. It has been made clear that global terrorist and domestic organizations have waged war against the United States and police officers. The danger to officer’s is no longer limited to those coming from Mexico, but the treat of ISIS members being welcomed into the United States thru refugee programs of our current, federal government administrations. The threat to officer safety is greater than ever. 

For the Alice Police and Fire department, it is no longer limited to the escalating violence happening across the nation. They are facing a far greater enemy, the very council and city government they have sworn to protect.

Our city administration is currently in negotiations to reduce positions and salary cuts and benefits, to our police and fire departments, at a time when we are more venerable to crimes than ever.

A reduction in pay to our first responders sends a message that we do not care. This will deal a crippling blow to officer moral, spirit and motivation.

At a time, when our city government should be educating and training officers to the latest threats and getting our officers up to date with the latest safety equipment and training, our city government is doing nothing. The city government needs to be, showing appreciation and support thru community involvement programs and make the public more aware of police and fire department efforts, while boosting and encouraging officer moral.

It is clear do not cut our first responders salaries or benefits. A reduction in pay and benefits to our officers and fire fighters is totally unacceptable and should not be considered.

Diego Hinojosa

Alice, Texas