Each year, thousands of visitors from around Texas and around the world visit the Texas State Capitol. Taller than the Capitol in Washington, D.C. the Texas Capitol is a treasure that we all can be proud of. Big changes are coming to the building in 2016 and you should be prepared in case you are planning a school field trip or family vacation to Austin.

For the first time in 22 years, beginning in January, the State Preservation Board will begin extensive preservation work on the exterior and interior of the building. Led by a team of experienced staff, the building is keeping its historic look but is undergoing these repairs to make sure the building maintains its integrity for future generations. On the exterior, windows will be stripped of paint and be thoroughly repaired. Cracking wood and rotted areas will be replaced. The Capitol stone will be inspected by masons and cleaned of algae and other substances. As a result of this exterior work, expect to see scaffolding on the building.

On the interior, the House and Senate Chambers will be closed from May 15, 2016 and will reopen on October 31, 2016, ahead of the next session in January 2017. The carpet in both chambers will be replaced and strips of the carpet will be sold in the capitol gift shop to pay for the cost of repairs. The Capitol will remain open for visitors and we hope to see you in Austin.