Corpus Christi residents with warrants outstanding are being advised to have them resolved by Feb. 16. Otherwise, they might be sporting some unwanted jewelry.

More than 160 law enforcement jurisdictions from around the state of Texas, including the city of Corpus Christi Municipal Court, will be participating in the annual "Great Texas Warrant Roundup." Officials said the program is specifically designed as a "concentrated statewide effort" to arrest anyone who currently has a warrant with any city in Texas.

Officials said anyone with outstanding citations, especially those on warrant, should resolve the issue as soon as possible.

"People need to keep in mind that this is a massive and well-coordinated effort," said City Marshal Eliseo Zuniga. "Because of that, we urge them to take care of their warrants immediately in an effort to avoid being arrested."

Notices were mailed to people with active warrants against them last week, officials said. In order to accommodate individuals who wish to address their cases before the program begins, the Municipal Court has expanded its normal business hours through Feb. 22.

The court will now be open Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and will remain closed Saturdays and Sundays.

In all, 125 other cities are also taking part in the "Great Texas Warrant Roundup." They include Austin, Amarillo, Arlington, Carrollton, College Station, Dallas, Denton, El Paso, Fort Worth, Irving, Midland, Plano, Richardson, San Angelo, San Antonio and San Marcos.

Authorities will begin the Warrant Roundup Feb. 16.