Miguel Garza, a student at Ben Bolt, cringed Tuesday when he was administered the seasonal flu vaccination at the high school.

“Just a little bit,” Miguel said of the injection and H1N1 flu nasal mist. “It tastes weird.”

On Tuesday, with still one hour left before closing down the clinic at the Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco High School gym, the nurses had serviced 115 individuals and administered 183 H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccinations.

Nurse Lilia Chapa with the Corpus Christi Department of State Health Services said the nasal mist had a good response from the students.

“This is so easy because when we go to the schools, the kids say, ‘that’s it,’” Chapa said.

A Ben Bolt resident, Michael Gonzalez, said the H1N1 flu shot was easier for him.

“I didn’t even feel it go in,” Gonzalez said after receiving the injection. “I was going to get the mist, but I felt like getting a shot.”

Throughout the day, the clinic was steady with some periods in which more people would arrive. The six-hour clinic remained constant with individuals.

“It’s gone smoothly,” said Guadalupe Holdiness with CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Alice.

Sean Millhouse, a Ben Bolt student, was excited to get a coupon for an ice cream.

“Cool,” he said. “It was like a normal shot, it hurt a little bit at first.”

Five nurses were sitting at a table as they waited on people for the vaccinations and those receiving the vaccinations had a different experience.

Steven Pena, 15, a sophomore at the Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco High School, said he felt a sting.

“It stung a little bit,” he said. “And the nasal, it’s kind of gross, you can taste it.”

Andrew Salinas, 13, joked with his mother he was going to cry. As he got the vaccination on his left arm, he teared up.

“I felt just a little poke,” Andrew said smiling and wiping his eyes.

Other clinics scheduled for the area include the Alice Community Action on Feb. 10, in Orange Grove on Feb. 11 at the special programs building, at the San Diego WIC on Feb. 17 and at the Alice Independent School District on Feb. 20.

Call the nearest Department of State and Health Services for exact times and locations.