Georgia Wingate Thompson, Jim Wells County Correspondent

Area law enforcement, family and friends are searching for a Texas A&M University-Kingsville student who was last seen April 29 at her north side apartment and has been missing ever since.

Ernestina Aljandra "Aly" Flores is 5'4", has brown hair and brown eyes with shoulder length hair, pierced ears, no tattoos or distinguishing scars. She didn't drink and didn't do drugs, police say.

Kingsville Police Department Det. Ruben Trevino, said the 20-year-old Flores, a resident of Mexico City, Mexico, was last seen at her University Square Apartment by a male friend after they watched a video until 1 or 2 a.m.

Trevino said this male subject was not a boyfriend, but rather a member of a circle of friends, and had said nothing out of the ordinary happened that night nor did Flores act any differently.

However, she wasn't reported as missing until May 2 by her brother, Guillermo Flores, also a TAMUK student, who shared the University Square apartment with his sister.

"Her brother said it wasn't unusual for him to not see his sister for several days at a time because of his classes and part-time job," Perez said.

Both were graduates of Presbyterian Pan American in Kingsville.

"There were no signs of foul play at the apartment and nobody in the apartment complex said they saw anything or heard anything," said Trevino.

"Her luggage is still there along with clothing and so is her make-up."

Between the time she was last seen she did write an e-mail to her best girlfriend that she was going to take a shower and hasn't been heard from since. She also wrote a somewhat ambiguous e-mail in Spanish, date unknown, to her brother that Perez said made the statement, "an opportunity had come up and she couldn't pass it up."

Perez said Flores did take her laptop computer, but there has been no new activity on her e-mail account, and there is nothing on her MySpace account, but the page has been modified.

"It's kind of weird this was a girl who talked to her family daily and now it is going on six weeks and there has been no contact," Perez said. "The first couple of days she was missing they (family) did call her cell phone number, but it was always busy and then dead like the battery had died."

Friends also reported that Flores had been text messaging someone a lot and it wasn't them because she was doing it when they are all together.

Perez said Flores' phone records have been subpoenaed, but that could take four to six weeks for the phone company to comply because of privacy issues.

Perez said that TAMUK campus police interviewed professors and found that although Ernestina was enrolled at the university as a freshman she had stopped attending classes in February and was failing everything. He said her parents were here about a month before her disappearance and spoke with their daughter regarding her grades and questioned what it was she wanted to do.

"She also had a boyfriend, but they broke up two weeks before Flores went missing and he said that was the last time he saw her," Perez said. "The day before she turned up missing he went back home to Laredo."

Perez said shortly prior to her mysterious disappearance it is thought that Flores had (unknown to anyone) used her mother's credit card number to call and obtain a $150 gift card at the local Beall's Department Store.

"She used this gift card to purchase clothing - slacks, blouses, a belt and shoes," Perez said. "It was nothing out of the ordinary, and she did take these new clothes with her when she left."

The police department has a copy of the security tape of Flores transaction at the store and Perez said there appeared to be nothing unusual in her behavior, nor did the clerk recall anything remarkable in the young woman's behavior.

Perez said Flores has a passport but does not have a Social Security number so she can't legally be working.

Region 3 Border Patrol agents have been alerted of her missing person status so if she crosses the border to Mexico her passport will be flagged and KPD will be alerted.

"We have discussed putting her in the national data base, but it has to meet certain criteria," Perez said. "She is an adult and she did leave a letter."

This hasn't stopped family members in Mexico from searching there and her sisters in San Antonio from searching across Texas for Flores.

"Hopefully someone will call and say they've seen her, but if she just doesn't want to be found her family needs to know she is OK," Perez said. "Right now we are at a standstill in this investigation."

Anyone with information about Ernestina "Aly" Flores should call Det. Perez at 593-8849.