Freer Junior High School held intensive programs on Monday in order to prepare students for the impending TAKS test.

Experts in their respective fields were brought in to give hands-on tutelage to the students in science and social studies. Tom Jaggard, an expert in history, presented students with important facts regarding the Puritan migration.

The session was interactive and intended to bolster student interest in each particular field.

Graduate students from TAMUK were on hand to teach students about science and engineering in particular.

Robert Sporano and Adrian Alfaro presented several different scientific theories to the students.

“We are here today to hopefully enlighten and inspire future engineers,” Sporano said. “Some of these students here have the potential to be successful engineering students in their future, they just need that extra little push or motivation. That is what we are hoping to accomplish here today.”

Students from Freer Junior High were taken to Texas A&M University-Kingsville recently for a field trip intended to get them familiar with the lab environment.

“The students came to TAMUK so that they will begin to feel comfortable with the lab setting,” Sporano said.

“We want them all to feel at home in a laboratory, if that’s the field that they choose. Many of the students here have expressed a desire to be in the science field, and we want to cultivate that desire.”

Staff member Laura Moncada said the program has the students feeling more comfortable with the approaching test.

“Many students get anxiety as we get closer to the tests,” Moncada said. “Our goal for this year is 90 percent, and we are doing everything that we can to be able to meet that goal.

“These intensives help the students get better prepared for the test. By having experts in their fields come and teach them, the students feel better about what they have learned.”

Freer Junior High has been promoting its “Racing to TAKS” program for several weeks and Moncada said they are ready.

“I feel confident,” Moncada said. “Our students are very bright, and I am confident that they will do well.”