The 2nd Annual Alice Noon Lions Club State Championship Road Kill Cook-Off was held March 29, drawing 50 teams from across the state. The cook-off drew teams from as far away as Sugarland, Texas, with the Valley well represented by several teams.

The teams competed to determine the very best in brisket, pork spare ribs, chicken, pan de campo and beans. This was a sanctioned Texas State Championship cookoff.

The winners were as follows:

ē Grand Champion: Dalia Garza, Los Cazadores

ē Reserve Grand Champion: Denver Eichler, Beat My Meat


1. David Cooper, Still Cookin

2. Gary Jenkins, Grill Masters

3. Orlando Martinez, South Texas Brasas

4. Rene Rayne, Crazy Cookers

5. Denver Eichler, Beat My Meat

6. Tom Hollon, Hummers

7. Edward LaGrange, Shot Glass Cookers

8. Eddie Frost, Hangover Happenís

9. Joe Reyes, Golden G Ranch

10. Donald Herrera, Up N Smoke

Pan de Campo

1. Johnny Rodriguez, Puro Party

2. Rene Vera, Bad Boys

3. Mariano Ramos, Desperados

Pork Spare Ribs

1. Dalia Garza, Los Cazadores

2. Denver Eichler, Beat My Meat

3. Ronnie Tones, Cowby Drillers

4. Robby Martinez, Rancho Cruz Calle

5. Joe A Gonzalez, Hub City Beefmasters

6. Mark Roznovsky, Burniní Brush

7. Rudy Rodriguez, Back Off Cookers

8. Johnny Rodriguez, Puro Party

9. Servando Sendejo, Chillin Ní Grillin

10. JR Hinojosa, Budwiser


1. Kelly Tijerina, Cowboy Grillers

2. Cody Wright, Just Another Reason

3. Carlos Elizondo, Los Diablos


1. Joel Contreras, Los Tios Y Los Primos

2. Danny Luera, Big Dís BBQ

3. David Bueno, Just Porkin Around

4. Delia Garza, Los Cazadores

5. Tom Saenz, Top Gun Cookers

6. Servando Sendejo, Chillin Ní Grillin

7. Pete Curran, Asleep at the Grill

8. Bill Green, Two Greenís Cookin

9. Edward LaGrange, Shot Glen Cookers

10. Sonny Heaton, Burniní Memories