Applause and criticism

Please accept this (letter) as a sign of sincere appreciation and applause for the two columns that you have written within the past two weeks printed by the Nueces County Record Star via the 'Point of View' section. Quite impressive.

You may be asking yourself, why is someone taking time out to send me this e-mail. Because, it's very rare that someone from your newspaper, on a fairly consistent basis, will print such a profound article with such direct and factual passion of needed information.

This is sometimes definitely lacking in some of the past local articles and especially in some of the Letters-to-the-Editor that this newspaper has allowed to be printed, (i.e., "RISD reserves must be protected").

My point here is very simple. It would have behooved someone, actually anyone, to have contacted and communicated, either with the Robstown Independent School District's business manager and/or the RISD superintendent, firsthand, prior to printing such an erroneous, fact-lacking (letter).

But, possibly this is a learning curve that might be prevented the next time. Only time and a possible (but, needed) mixture of professionalism and courtesy might prevail. We shall see.

Nevertheless, I do applaud you on your column, "Fans quick to turn backs must think twice."

I appreciate your passionate ownership to this particular subject and, for your printed empowerment, delivered via your column, to the citizens of Western Nueces County.

Ron Benavidez

Corpus Christi

(Editor's note: RISD superintendent Roberto Garcia submitted a column above in response to the letter written last week by Noe De Los Santos, "RISD reserves must be protected.")

Be informed before speaking out

This is in response to the letter from Noe De Los Santos concerning the Robstown Independent School District and its finances.

The letter is far from truthful, inaccurate and an attempt to discredit the hard work of many people working hard to improve RISD.

We realize that we always have to prove ourselves but the letter from Mr. De Los Santos is a travesty of misinformation intended only to hurt the students, staff, trustees and the community.

We invite the people, especially Noe, to our board meetings, yet he has not been to one in years. However, he is an authority on the business of the district?

How sad that unsubstantiated information is printed, how sad that misinformation does so much damage to a school district. Is this information truthful just because it was printed in the newspaper?

The records of the district are open to the public and we invite you to come and inspect the audit reports for the past four years, Mr. De Los Santos, and get the facts.

Many good things are happening in the RISD. Come and see them. By the way, the children really enjoy the new schools because they are safe, pleasant and truthfully, they needed new schools a long time ago.

Jerry Gonzalez

RISD school board trustee