The 229th District Court in Duval County heard several different cases this week, including the capital murder charges associated with the death of 2-year-old Davynna Sanchez.

On Monday, the 229th District Court held a jury trial for Abelardo Trevino in regards to a 2007 case that charged him with possession of 1,169 pounds of marijuana.

The charges stem from an incident that occurred on April 25, 2007 in which DPS Officer Urbino Martinez stopped a 1994 Kenworth tractor truck and police found the marijuana.

Trevino pleaded not guilty, but as the trial got under way, decided to take a plea deal that was accepted by the state for two years in prison.

Jose Lara appeared before the court on Tuesday for an incident in which police served him and Adan Gonzalez at their home with a search warrant.

The District Attorney’s office said police recovered 15 grams of cocaine from their residence in the 500 block of Juanita Street.

Judge Ana Lisa Garza accepted Lara’s plea deal for seven years probation on the condition he serve 30 days of it, between his off days from work, in the Duval County Jail.

Cocaine was found in the diaper bag of Lara’s child and Judge Garza said he was putting his child in jeopardy by placing poison with the child’s belongings.

Assistant District Attorney Jon West had a strong message for the community.

“We are hopeful that at some point,” West said, “we can find a way to address the drug problem that is plaguing our community.”

A bond reduction, via a writ of habeas corpus, hearing took place after Lara’s hearing for David Noe Sanchez, the co-defendant for the capital murder of Davynna Sanchez.

Several family members testified on behalf of Sanchez, including his ex-wife and mother.

Defense attorney David Towler questioned the witnesses regarding Sanchez’s behavior toward his older children and his ability to collect the funds necessary to facilitate his bond of $500,000.

Sanchez’s defense argued the bond set was excessive as Sanchez does not have the resources to facilitate his release pending trial.

 Sanchez’s family testified as to their financial situation in order to try and convince Judge Garza to lower his bond. Sanchez’s mother said she was going to try and sell plates to collect money for her son.

Judge Garza told Sanchez she would have to sleep on the issue considering the gravity of the crimes while holding up constitutional rights against excessive bail.

On Thursday, Judge Garza lowered Sanchez’s bond to $250,000.

Also heard that day was the arraignment of Sanchez’s co-defendant Melissa Bueno.

Bueno pleaded not guilty to capital murder, and the state also withdrew its desire to seek the death penalty in her case. 

Since the death penalty would not be sought, Bueno will be assigned a new attorney in her case since her previous lawyer only represented clients in death penalty cases.