Baldwin currently has a display at Art Center of CC

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Orange Grove Journal

An Orange Grove High School Class of 2002 graduate recently held a photography exhibition at the Art Center of Corpus Christi this month, showcasing her professional work with gum bichromate photography.

Alexis Baldwin, a Fall 2006 graduate of Texas A&M University Corpus Christi with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, was first spotted by Art Center representatives during her senior exhibit last year. Based on the quality of her photography, Baldwin was chosen to have her exhibition on display at the Art Center.

"My photography is of mostly abstract people. Most of the shots are real close up or at an angle. I've also used gum bichromate, which is an archaic process used in the 1800's, that makes the photographs come out very colorful. During the process, you mix watercolors with the chemicals. They actually look like paintings or pastel drawings," Baldwin said. Her photographs will be on display till the end of this week.

Since she was a child, Baldwin has always had a deep love of photography, and the creative process.

"I just always liked it. My dad's always had a lot of cameras, since he used to do photography. I've always had fun doing photography. Something I enjoy," Baldwin said.

For her BFA, Baldwin went I went to school 4.5 years, with a year and a half in core photography classes, and another three years taking her basics and general art classes. In the fall semester, she said nine students graduated with a BFA, one or two of those every semester have photography concentrations.

"Photography is kind of harder to do around the Corpus Christi area, since there's not as many people around here. There are a lot of artists in the area who do the portrait studio thing, but I really haven't done much digital photography. I'm more of a darkroom type of photographer," Baldwin said. "I would really like to do weddings and that sort of photography, but there isn't that much call for it around here."

As far as calling herself a professional photographer right now, Baldwin really couldn't say, because she doesn't have a job in the field yet. But at her heart, she has the shutter bug, and she will carry on with her work, whether she does photography as a full time job or not.

"I might not work as a photographer for a while. I mean, I like what I do. Even if I don't get a job if photography, I'd still be a photographer. It is something that's artistic, and people sometimes think that when you're an art major, you're not doing something with a practical purpose. But for photography, that's not true. Photography is artistic, but people want it for practical purposes as well," Baldwin said.