You, dear reader, are a diamond, could be in the rough, or you may have surpassed your rough.

I truly believe we are all vehicles in a perfect body. Sometimes our eyes are shut and we fail to listen to our body to hear what our instincts are saying.

We do not see all the opportunities in front of our eyes because (fill in blank). We all made choices to be where we are today. Sometimes we make left choices instead of right choices everyday.

I met this recording artist last week. In 1995-96, her career took her to the White House to meet the president of the United States. She sang the National Anthem at the Astrodome. She traveled to Hollywood to record music videos. Several nominations for prestigious music awards were given to her.

She was at the top. Success brought invitations to high-profile Univisión TV shows, which included the Johnny Canales Show. She toured with prestigious Grammy winners Intocable and Ramón Ayala. She was happy in pursuit of fame, fortune and the adulation of fans.

Almost inaudibly she told me: "Something was missing in my life. I had success but yet I was still very jealous of my boyfriend."

In 1996 came a life-changing experience. Her father in-law shared a specific line of scripture. "It helped find the peace in my life that was missing," she said. "I gave up touring to the disappointment of my friends and business associates."

Recording and performing became secondary. "Singing for God replaced my previous desires," she said. She said she felt like she was "running away from home and did not know it."

Letty Guval now uses her name and talents for the Lord.

Letty married the drummer, her boyfriend from her back-up band. Her husband is Chris De Luna. He joined us at Whataburger during this interview.

Their marriage has survived the loss of their angel, Claudia Isabela, who went to heaven at birth in August 2006. That was a devastating loss to the family. They now have three children, Ariela, age 6, Cristobal, age 4 and Sofia, 9 weeks old.

Letty is a stay-at-home mom by choice. Chris and Letty spoke of their "mutual love of God, family and music to communicate about the Lord's goodness."

They both agreed this life change was "almost like location of a hidden treasure in your property, because God is everywhere."

Frankly, I was impressed with the choices this young couple made. Letty is the same age as my oldest daughter. Yet the choices that she has made after the taste of fame and fortune are short of miraculous.

Her love of God in words and actions are incredible. Currently she only records Christian music.

Letty is gifted with music talent and eye-catching. Her glow of inner beauty is an indicator that she will regain her music success. She has chosen a path to serve humanity in a different capacity than her original passage.

She has found her calling. I, as always, remain a loyal fan.