Lupita Gonzalez, a Hospitality House employee, unselfishly wanted to help residents from the Galveston area and recruited her co-workers to assist.

“I was hearing how other people were having food drives,” Gonzalez said. “I wanted everybody to get involved because it could have been us.”

The idea spread among other employees of Hospitality House Nursing Home and began they their food drive this week. The drive will continue through Sunday and they are asking the public to donate non-perishable items such as canned goods.

“Sometimes it takes someone to say, ‘let’s do this,’” said Elaine Garcia, Gonzalez’s co-worker.

The employees have set out a cardboard box on the  Third Street entrance with red balloons for motorists to see to remind them to give to those who sustained damage because of Hurricane Ike.

Individuals interested in lending a helping hand can contact the activity department at 664-4366, extension 222.

After Sunday, the collection of food items will be delivered to residents in the Galveston area.

Garcia said the food drive was a small way to help neighbors in East Texas.

“We were very lucky,” she said. “Now we have to reach out our hands to that corner.”