Freshman was able to participate in final game of the season

Christopher Maher, Jim Wells County Correspndent

Officials at San Diego High School have received results indicating a student who was tested for staph infection earlier this month was negative for the infection.

San Diego High School principal David Canales said Wednesday the school was recently notified by the student's parents that the test results revealed the student did not have a staph infection.

"It came back negative," Canales said. "We're clean."

The freshman student, who was a member of the high school football team, has remained in school and competed in the final game of the season last week, Canales said.

After several cases were reported in recent years, the high school took precautions to reduce the possibility of spreading the infection. Infections occur primarily in the athletic department, officials said, so most measures began there.

Those steps included the purchase of hand sanitizers for the athletes, an air purifier and a power wash system to spray down the walls, lockers and equipment in the locker room.

That power wash system is used on a daily basis, officials said.

"All the measures are still in place," Canales said.

No other cases of staph infection have been reported at the school this year, Canales said.