Sue Fleming and Melissa Ash

Alice Newspapers, Inc. Correspondents

Freer ISD 2007 spring TAKS test score results show some improvements as compared to last year's, according to official reports.

Across the board, Norman Thomas Elementary showed the most significant math and science test score increases.

Fifth grade math rose from 71 percent to 84 percent with science scores jumping a total of 32 percent, rising from 48 percent last year to 80 percent.

Fifth-grade reading numbers increased as well from 81 percent to 88 percent. Fourth-grade reading scores remained the same at 85 percent.

Seventh-grade writing improved a total of 10 percent, increasing from 88 last year to 98 percent this year as fourth grade writing scores remained the same at 96 percent.

Sixth-grade math dropped from 62 to 57 percent and eighth-grade math scores slightly decreased two percent, going from 75 to 73 percent.

Seventh-grade math showed an increase of one percent, 55 to 56 percent. Eighth-grade science scores fell a total of 21 percent, dropping from 63 percent to 42.

Ninth-grade reading scores increased from 77 percent in 2006 to 86 percent.

Sophomore TAKS math jumped 15 percent, increasing from 33 to 48 percent passing, with ninth-grade math scores rising slightly by one percent, from 44 to 45 percent passing.

Junior students (exit level) math scores rose from 60 to 64 percent. Sophomore students also gained in science, rising from 35 percent passing last year to 45 percent this spring.

Exit level science dipped 10 percent, from 67 percent to 57 percent passing, with social studies dropping as well from 87 percent to 72 percent.

"I'm very proud of our teachers because they had to overcome some obstacles his year and they did a good job," said superintendent Edgar Camacho. "We had some teachers leave mid-year, something all districts face everywhere."

Camacho stressed many teachers had to leave their comfort areas to learn different time lines, implement a new curriculum and the bar was raised with TAKS.

"Some were excited with the results and some let down but we're still looking at data, looking at all factors that affect the kids and we will never stop looking at what our needs are," Camacho said. "We strive to build a good foundation in elementary; take baby steps so as not to miss anything and will continue to do this. I always tell our teachers that if we're comfortable, we're not growing."

After spending long hours preparing and studying, the students and faculty at Premont Independent School District were finally at ease after they received their 2007 TAKS test results.

At the elementary school, the third grade scored 86 percent passing in reading and 65 percent in math. The fourth grade scored 72 percent in reading, 85 percent in math, and 89 percent in writing. The fifth grade scored 75 percent in reading, 78 percent in math, and 63 percent in science.

At the junior high school, the sixth grade scored 89 percent passing in reading and 54 percent in math. The seventh grade scored 65 percent in reading, 94 percent in writing, and 57 percent passing in math. The eighth grade scored 83 percent passing in reading, 62 percent in math, 83 percent in social studies, and 53 percent in science.

At the high school, the ninth grade scored 84 percent in reading and 54 percent passing in math. The 10th grade scored 73 percent passing in English, 40 percent in math, 37 percent in science and 75 percent in social studies. The 11th grade scored 100 percent in English, 80 percent in math, 80 percent in science and 95 percent in social studies.

Different awards were given to the students for passing the test.

The elementary students were given off a day of class and got to play on water slides; the seventh graders were rewarded with a movie in Corpus Christi and a trip to a pizza and game establishment. The juniors were rewarded with a day at Fiesta Texas, school officials said.