Gonzalez one of handful to set new AISD records

Ofelia Garcia Hunter, Alice Echo-News Journal

Eight records were broken during this year's 33rd annual Little Olympics, but none so soundly as the fourth grade Boy's Softball Throw.

Christopher Gonzalez, a fourth grade students from Mary R. Garcia Elementary School shattered the old district record of 124-feet 7-inches by more than 20-feet, with a throw of 148-feet 7-inches.

For Christopher, it was just a natural extension of his pitching ability, which he honed since the day he took the T-ball field.

"I've known I've wanted to be a pitcher since I was three or four in t-ball," 9-year-old Christopher said. "I've always been a pitcher, I'm really good at it." Gonzalez's grandfather, Felix Zuniga, is a big inspiration to him, he said.

Zuniga was a catcher for the Alice Coyotes years ago, and Christopher's love of throwing the ball, he said, is directly inspired by his grandfather. For as long as he's been in elementary school, Christopher knew he was going to throw the softball, and he knew he was going to win.

"I'm known for my fast ball and I throw pretty hard. I knew I would probably win the softball throw, but I was surprised I beat the record," Christopher said.

Other breaking records this year include:

New Records from the 33rd Annual Little Olympics:

Noonan First grader Josue Frano beat the 50-yard dash record of 7.75 seconds with a time of 7.66 seconds.

Schallert Third grader Patrick Lopez beat the 50-yard dash record of 7.10 seconds with a run of 6.67 seconds.

Hillcrest Fourth grader Clarissa Gomez beat the 50-yard dash record of 7.6 seconds with a run of 7.42 seconds.

Hillrest Fourth grader Brandon Guerra beat the 50-yard dash record of 7.27 seconds with a runoff of 7.23 seconds.

Noonan First grader Richardo Galvan beat the 75-yard dash record of 11.28 seconds with a run of 11.13 sec.

Hillcrest Second grader Mikaela Martinez beat the 75-yard dash record of 11.34 seconds with a run of 11.31 sec.

Schallert Fourth grader Gabriella Hernandez beat the Softball Throw record of 99-feet 5-inches with a throw of 102-feet.

Flynn Dennis, Director of Parental Involvement for Alice ISD, said that he was unable to determine how far back the record of 124-feet 7-inches stood in the district. But he knows that it has been long standing.

"I can't say for sure, but it's been around at least eight, maybe 10 years. Usually we have three or four students make new records, but this year we had a lot more kids then usual," Dennis said.

This July, Christopher will pitch for the select team Most Feared from Robstown at the World Series in Kansas City, Missouri.