Alice police are attempting to sort out what took place between the men on the 200 block of W. Fifth Street. A knife fight on Wednesday ended with both men taken to the hospital and one arrest.

Abelardo Garza, 38, was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. According to a report by officer Tim LaGesse, three men were leaving the scene of the stabbing when he arrived.

One was identified as a witness to the incident, as a second man, later identified as Garza began to run south. A third man, Ronnie Cantu, was staggering west, according to the report.

LaGesse chased Garza behind a residence. Garza climbed over the back fence, and LaGesse pulled his duty pistol and ordered Garza to stop. Garza climbed back over the fence, and was taken into custody. Garza was covered in blood, according to the report, and stated that it wasn’t his blood, but Cantu’s. Officers found a small silver box cutter type knife in his possession.

Garza told police that he and a friend were walking when Cantu approached them. An argument broke out, followed by a fight. That’s when Cantu, according to Garza’s statements, pulled out the knife and tried to stab Garza. Garza told officers that he took the knife from Cantu and stabbed him.

Garza was taken to CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Alice, where he was treated for stab wounds to his lower back and right arm. Garza told officers he was unaware that he had been stabbed, according to the report. Cantu, who had received several severe lacerations to his face, according to the report, was air lifted to Spohn Memorial Hospital in Corpus Christi for treatment. He has since been released from the hospital.

Garza was released from the hospital that night and taken to the Jim Wells County jail. APD Lt. Santiago Soliz said it was unknown at this time whether Cantu would also be arrested for his role in the incident. Soliz said all report information would be forwarded to the district attorney’s office, and that the decision on how to proceed would be made by them.