Garcia wants to help the community

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Alice Echo-News Journal

As a candidate for Pct. 6 Constable, Marcos "Mark" Garcia wants to give back to the community that has been supportive of him in all aspects of his life. Garcia points to a lack of presence when it comes to the office of constable, and he feels he is the one who can bring the office closer to the community.

Garcia was born and raised in the Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco area. He said his family is well known in the area. His father is a local area electrician and his mother is with Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco ISD. Garcia graduated from Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco High School in 1998. He is a 2002 graduate of Texas A&M University, with studies in Criminology and Psychology. Since graduation, Garcia has worked in the home health industry, most recently in respiratory sales. He has one son.

Garcia is running against Bartolo Guajardo, Hector Delgado and Jaime Garza in the race for Pct. 6 Constable.

With deep roots in the Precinct 6, Garcia is confident he has support from the residents in the area.

"My community has always been supportive of me, in all aspects of my life. And I feel it's time now to give back to the people," Garcia said. "In our precinct right now, I feel there is a lack of presence. I know that the office of constable could work in conjunction with Alice Police Department and the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department. I've spoken with the heads of both departments, and if elected, I plan to help facilitate between all departments including my office, with issues pertaining to our community."

Garcia said his focus will be on community programs, with children and the elderly. He said there are a lot of programs out there not being used, and a lot of grant money out there that is not coming in. Garcia believes in bringing back the local neighborhood watch, and working closely with Crime Stoppers.

"All these things have been overlooked for a long time. It probably was because we didn't have a constable for a long time, and one had to be appointed. And I can understand that, but the programs are not being used, and many times it's just the presence itself, of being out there and patrolling, getting down from your vehicle and talking with the public," Garcia said.

There are many times when people who live in the county don't know which county office to go to with their issues, Garcia said.

"A lot of times the elderly do not know where to go with their concerns, but I plan on being that person. I want to be there for the people, and work closely with the JP. When there's truancy court, I will be there," Garcia said.

"I really have not focused on truancy in our area, but it could become a problem. I would work closely with the school districts and of course the COPS in Schools. There are a lot of things not getting done, and I feel I'm the person to jump on things. I'm young, I'm motivated, and when my community has called on me, I've always stepped up," Garcia said, noting his involvement with the Knights of Columbus, the Fiesta Amistad Community Council, site-based school committees, as well as community advisory boards.

"The people of this community will put me up there, and they're the ones I will answer to if elected. I am here for them," Garcia said.

Editor's Note: Candidates Hector Delgado and Jaime Garza will be featured in Thursday's edition of the Alice Echo-News Journal.