Pictured: Henry Uribe III and Danielle Caro are the latest leaders in a long tradition of Alice High School drum majors. Photo by MAURICIO JULIAN CUELLAR JR.

Seniors ready for the challenge

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Alice Echo-News Journal

New Alice High School drum majors seniors Danielle Caro and Henry Uribe III will have a busy summer this year, with Drum Major Camp beginning June 24 and summer marching band beginning Aug 1.

After noticing the drumline was pretty well off with the students they had, bass drummer Uribe decided to make the jump to drum major, against a field of four other students.

"None of the seniors, except for us, were stepping up for the job, so I thought this was something we had to do," Uribe said.

This was his first time trying out.

Winning a spot as drum major is the culmination of hard work for Caro.

She spent her junior year cutting her teeth as the second period band drum major, learning the ropes and gaining the experience she would need.

The first-period drum major gets the majority of the attention, competing in regional and state contests, but Caro did see some glory of her own last year, with a second place win at the Crossroads Contest in the 2A division.

"Last year really gave me a lot of experience, everything I needed for first-period drum major," Caro said. "Since my freshman year, a lot of my friends were drum majors. It's really an experience, something fun to do. You do it for your band. Being in a leadership position earns you a lot of respect. As a leader you have the respect of others, and you need to show respect to everyone."

Caro said a leader is someone who practices, someone who's serious and someone others look up to for advice or help.

Uribe said the skills it takes to be a good drum major are skills he's had all during high school.

"There wasn't anything different about it. Through 4-H and NHS, I've had a lot of practice presenting speeches and being in front of people. It's become pretty natural," Uribe said.

Along with his new position as drum major, Uribe is also president of student council, NHS historian, on the Relay for Life committee, secretary for the local 4-H and second vice president of the county wide organization.

Caro, along with her work as drum major and in the flute section, is a competitive swimmer, making All State in freestyle swimming her sophomore year, and region her junior year.

Both students come from a musical background. Uribe said all his family was involved in the band, and one cousin was a previous drum major in the band.

For Caro, the position hits even closer to home, as her mother was a drum major for the band, and her grandmother also performed in the band.

When it came to band, and being a part of the organization, Caro said it was a natural choice from the beginning.

"In sixth grade, it was so exciting, to pick what instrument you wanted to play. I was dying to be in the band, no one pushed me into it. It's something as a young student you want to be a part of," Caro said.