El Segundo, a movie with scenes shot in Alice, is available for viewing audiences, the director announced recently.

“I wanted to let the people of Alice, Texas know that the movie we shot there a few years back is now available for sale on DVD,” said movie director Roy Trejo by e-mail.

El Segundo is the story of a wealthy Tejano rancher  played by actor Pedro Armendariz Jr. who starred in movies such as Once Upon A Time In Mexico and The Mask of Zorro.

In the movie, the rancher is seeking a jewel that will bring him eternal life and it evolves around his quest,  which threatens to tear apart the community that depends on him. Sam, played by Hank Jacobs, who has been in the movie Rounders, is a misfit oil rigger hired to retrieve the jewel and bears witness to the passion it inspires, and the destruction it leaves in its wake. Sam falls for the rancher’s spitfire daughter, Delicia,  played by Alana De La Garza who starred in Law & Order and WB’s The Mountain.  It’s a story of greed, mystery and desire set in the unforgiving brush of Southeast Texas. The movie also features as guest star, Tejano singing legend Carlos Guzman.

“It’s the best looking standard def movie you’ll ever see,” Trejo said. “It will look amazing on your high-def screen.”

A?handful of local people also played roles in the movie.