Chief: Cantu has said he will continue to rob cars

Ofelia Garcia Hunter, Alice Echo-News Journal

A serial burglar strikes again and police want to keep him behind bars.

"As soon as we put him in jail, (the burglaries) stop," Police Chief Danny Bueno said Monday.

According to police, Martin Cantu, 18, has admitted to police he will continue to burglarize vehicles and take whatever he can get his hands on. It may be a statement to which Cantu has stuck.

"This guy has told us, 'as soon as I get out, I'm going to commit more burglaries,'" Bueno said. "It's sad that most of the people he steals from won't be reimbursed on the stolen items he takes."

Over the weekend, police were already searching for Cantu in the areas of Plymouth, Bluebonnet and St. Joseph streets after Cantu was named a suspect in several vehicle burglaries at the parking lot of Days Inn Motel.

On Saturday, with assistance from residents in the area who had spotted Cantu, officer Hector Perez apprehended Cantu as he was hiding in a truck belonging to someone else, lying on the front seat.

The owner of the truck said he had seen Cantu early in the morning and had even given him a ride, but did not know Cantu.

Cantu allegedly stole tools valued at $400 from a truck.

Cantu was arrested Saturday and police said he confessed to the burglaries. He is being held on a surety bond of $2,500, police said.

Police said Cantu is linked to about nine burglaries along with other crimes, including aggravated assault, theft, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, trespassing and organized crime.

"Whatever he finds, from money to checkbooks to stereos…whatever he can get a hold of, he takes," Bueno said.

"We knew he was going to strike again."