Many students did not show up for retesting

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Alice Echo-News Journal

Only 35 percent of the juniors and seniors who took the TAKS Exit Retest this July met standards, according to results provided this week by Alice High School principal Berta Longoria.

There were 187 juniors who had to retest this summer because they failed one or more portions of the TAKS exam last spring.

Of that number, 66 failed to attend retesting and only 47 met the requirements. Longoria said a total of 140 students would need to retest in October.

There were 43 seniors who needed to retest in one or more areas of the TAKS test.

"Of these students, nine met the requirements and 34 will need to retest in October," Longoria said. "Of the 34 students who still need to retest, four were absent and did not test in July, therefore the state reports them as not meeting standard."