City awaiting arrival of lights

Melissa Ash, Jim Wells County Correspondent

PREMONT - Playing baseball has become a challenge for the Premont Little League team whose playing field is in desperate need of help, organizers say.

The park, which is covered with overgrown grass, has become impossible for the league to use. Aside from the overgrown grass, the park is in need lights and remodeled bleachers. The condition of the neglected park has forced the league to travel to surrounding towns for their games.

"It's hard for the kids to play," Little League Association president John Walker said. "The park has really been neglected and I feel we need to do more to get it up to par. It needs lights, and I was under the assumption that they were supposed to be here last November. Something has to be done in order for the league to continue to operate."

During the Dec. 19 city council meeting, Walker explained the league needed the park to have lights, new grass, a fence and better bleachers.

Walker also requested that the city start taking responsibility for the parks up keep, such as mowing the over grown grass.

"The city is keeping the park mowed," Mayor Mario Rodriguez said. "But we don't start the up keep until baseball season begins because the park is not used during this time. I'm going to talk to the fire chief and see about using his tractor for the park. The Texas Department of Public Safety in Corpus Christi agreed to donate 12 light poles to the county who would then donate them to the city for the park. I am not sure of the status but they had been discussing it with County Commissioner Javier Garcia."

The Little League association will be holding its next meeting on Jan. 8 to discuss future plans for the park and up coming registration.

The meeting will be held at Dairy Queen and anyone is welcome.

The association is also currently looking for board member and kids who want to register to play. Any donations for the park can be sent to P.O. Box 1271, Premont, Texas, 78375.