The Alice animal shelter had 88 adoptions or rescues from June to December of last year, and officials are hoping to top that number this year and rescue at least 150. The cityís animal shelter partnered with the Alice Echo-News Journal in June of 2008 to feature dogs and cats from the shelter. For the six-month collaboration, the shelter ended up with 88 animals rescued by residents from the area and even out of town residents.

"Itís not just residents from Alice that come to adopt these animals, we have people coming from Sandia, Orange Grove, San Diego, Laredo and recently we had a couple from San Juan," said city employee Heather Lagesse. "Itís kind of nice to have that kind of support."

On Friday, a couple from San Juan, Elias and Kathy Reyes, said they had seen the animals in the newspaper and wanted to help by adopting.

They ended up taking a total of three dogs, a mother dog with her two bulldog-mix pups.

"We couldnít separate them because they are so sweet," Kathy said as she held on to one of the puppies.

Elias said that they decided to adopt to help unwanted animals.

"The strays are usually nicer," said Elias, who works in Alice and commutes from San Juan. "Iíve seen the catahoula before, she seems to be very calm. If I could I would take them all."

The efforts between the newspaper and the animal shelter will continue this year.

"They looked at the paper, thatís what brought them in," Lagesse said. "Itís doing a lot of good. If we could do 150 adoptions for the whole year, it would be good. If we can beat what we did last year that would be wonderful."