On Wednesday, the San Diego Police Department responded to a reported burglary at the kickball field that hosts the Little Miss Kickball games.

As president of the league, Randy Trigo went to the field to check on things as he normally does and found the concession stand had been burglarized.

“Someone cut the lock and kicked in the door,” Trigo said. “Whoever it was went in to the restroom also and tore out the wall leading to the concession stand. They stole merchandise and caused a significant amount of damage.”

Police were able to obtain some physical evidence at the scene that could possibly identify the suspects.

“Police will be checking all leads,” Trigo said. “Whoever did this is not stealing from me or anyone here in San Diego, they stole from our girls.

“The money that is raised from the sales at the concession stand goes to help pay for things for them. What gets me is that there was no money in there and there never is, someone just went in to steal soda and snacks; how can someone steal from children?”

 The damages are estimated to be around $300 and it is estimated that the merchandise stolen is between $75 and $100.

“I will be offering a $250 reward for information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of whoever did this,” Trigo said. “It is a sad day when the snacks for young girls are not safe in the concession stand.”

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers of South Texas at 664-STOP or contact Trigo directly at 389-4106.