As Superintendent of the Tuloso-Midway Independent School District, you can imagine my dismay upon reading the (April 14 column) "“Lack of Support for T-M Tennis


Our goals and mission are and have always been the education and safety of our students. To say that there is a lack of support is very disturbing not only to this superintendent, but to the entire Board of Trustees and administration.

In support of our tennis program, we have not only entered into litigation, we have also proceeded to borrow $2.5million to renovate the tennis courts, make arrangements with the HEB Tennis Center and tennis facilities at both the Calallen and Robstown independent school districts.

In addition, we have provided the expense of the extra fuel it takes to travel our buses to all locations and scheduled various board meetings where the tennis issue has been placed on the agenda, giving parents opportunities to ask questions and share concerns.

As for the "rally," this was not something that was organized by the district nor did

I have any information on the event.

I would like to also express my dissapointment in your editor (Tim Olmeda), as he has (written about the) T-M tennis court situation since Day One, alongside T-M officials, parents, and coaches at almost every board meeting and during other requested interviews. He of all people knows how important this issue has been to the district.

We continue to keep our parents informed as things are happening and parents know they can always, and have, contacted me or come by my office. The comment made “the teams were locked out of the courts…” was a decision the board of trustees made to ensure the safety of the students.

Regarding the comment of (had this happened to) the football field, once again, if it threatened the safety of our students, they would not play there either. As a matter of fact, we are starting renovations of the track and it may be possible that the first home football game will not be a home game.

At this point, the process cannot be hurried any more than the time it takes to now accept the bids and start the reconstruction.

Sue Nelson,

TMISD interim superintendent