A hit-and-run accident on Texas Highway 44 Tuesday led to a passenger having chest pains after a driver allegedly failed to yield at a stop sign causing another vehicle to strike her and then fled the scene, failing to stop and render assistance.

According to the report, at 4:08 p.m. Tuesday Officer Jose A. Rodriguez was dispatched to Tino's Auto Mart in the 900 bock of W. Highway 44 in reference to a motor vehicle accident.

Upon arrival, Rodriguez made contact with the driver of a black Chevy Tahoe. The driver, Rachel Liguez, told the officer her mother, who was a passenger in the front seat, has high blood pressure and pain in her chest.

Rodriguez advised Liguez that EMS was enroute and asked what had happened. According to the report, Liguez stated she was traveling east in the 1000 block of W. Highway 44 in the inside lane when a gray Chevy Suburban traveling south on Gulf Street failed to yield the right of way at a stop sign at the intersection.

Liguez stated she then stepped on her brakes but her vehicle collided with the passenger side of the Suburban. She said the Suburban then fled the scene, turning east in the 900 block of W. Farm Street.

According to the report, contact was also made with a witness to the vehicle accident who advised the officer she was traveling west on Highway 44 when she witnessed the vehicle cut across and strike the Chevy Tahoe.

EMS arrived and evaluated Liguez's mother, who refused medical transport and was advised she could go on her own.

According to the report, the hit and run was documented and a victim's letter was given to Liguez's mother.