PREMONT – Seven jail trustees volunteered to spruce up two fields at the Little League baseball park by scraping, painting and touching up the signs.

“We just want to get it ready for opening ceremonies,” said Ted C. Bearden Jr., Premont Little League president.

The Jim Wells Sheriff’s Department works hand-in-hand with the trustees and allows them to participate in community projects.

“They are going to be painting as part of the community project for Little League,” said Capt. Sandra Salas with the sheriff’s department.

Salas, along with Capt. Cosme Castillo and Deputy Sonny Aguilar, supervised the inmates as they painted the concession stands, announcer boxes, several dugouts, bathroom and signs.

The red and white paint immediately gave the Little League fields a new look from a run down appearance to a fresh one.

The trustees who participated with the improvements are individuals with misdemeanors and minor infractions, officials said.

Several months ago, the trustees helped in the facelift of Bobby Cuellar Park and recently worked on West Park fields in Alice.

“It’s important so kids can have a nice place to play their sports,” Castillo said. “We are doing it for the community.”