First female investigator was subject of internal investigation

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Alice Echo-News Journal

Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department officials confirmed Friday Deputy Vicky Puente, the subject of a recent internal investigation by the department, has resigned and that a second individual resigned last week in connection to the same investigation.

Sheriff's Department Administrator Ricardo Palacios said Puente turned in her resignation late Wednesday morning.

Puente was placed on a six-day suspension without pay on Monday, while Palacios initiated an internal investigation into an alleged non-criminal issue.

Sheriff Oscar Lopez said the matter involved department policy and regulation, and the matter doesn't have to do with the public.

Sheriff's department attorney Myra Morris also confirmed that two people had resigned over the investigation in question.

A second individual, a male deputy in the department, was suspended last week and resigned last week, in connection with the non-criminal issue.

Sheriff's department officials would not confirm the name of the second deputy in question, but the Alice Echo-News Journal has filed Freedom of Information requests with Morris' office to obtain Puente's personnel file, a copy of the policy in connection to the investigation and the resignation letters of both deputes.