Q: With an increase in the Precinct 3 population from those moving to the Orange Grove area and into new county subdivisions, how do you expect you will use current precinct resources to cover both existing infrastructure needs and the growing needs during the next four years?

A: There’s a lot of new areas in Orange Grove, the lake area, I know that are lacking.

Sources are there. There are many sources available. There are also grants available that can help in these areas. Of course, as more people come in there will be more revenue in the area. That itself will help.

Resources that we have available are enough to take care of the area. They just need to be managed in a better manner. I believe, as far as infrastructure, if there’s people there, then there will be money available necessary to budget for the infrastructure that is needed.

Q: What are your plans as far as county funding for the Orange Grove and Sandia Community Centers. Also, if elected, where will your commissioner’s office be located?

A: I will continue, as far as the assistance in it to keep the Senior Centers in Orange Grove and Sandia open, and will continue to maintain the facility. And if anything else maybe add a little bit more to keep it going. My commissioner’s office will continue to be at the same location it is now. As far as the amount of miles we have in our precinct, the higher percentage is located in the Orange Grove area. It would be more feasible and more of an advantage to keep everything where it’s at and utilize our facility at the current location. There is no reason why we should move this office.

Q: What will you do, if elected, to improve flooded road conditions for Sandia area residents?

A: I know there is a great need there, as far as drainage. Maintaining is something that would help. A lot of our culverts are covered with dirt. Water is not able to go through the culverts. I have traveled many miles just to see what the need is in that area and talked to those residents. They’ve brought up that when it does rain, water does not drain properly. It is maintaining the roads, the ditches, that will help alleviate the problem. I feel that there is a lack of administration in maintaining, not so much a lack of maintenance, but the administration on where maintenance should be applied. That is where there has been a lack.

Q: How would you curb wasteful spending at the county level so as not to overburden taxpayers?

A: Again, we need to prioritize to see what is needed for Precinct 3. See where the most need is. Safety for one. Make sure that road conditions are met. Make sure the drainage is maintained, and areas of danger for buses…to where school buses have a safer route. And try to catch all areas of concern and make sure the need is met.

Q: Why should you be elected commissioner of Precinct 3?

A: I should be elected commissioner because I am qualified. I do have a lot of experience as far as administration and I think a large portion of this job has to do with budgeting the taxpayers’ money. And we need to budget their money in a economically feasible way.

I’m also very knowledgeable on what it takes to meet the needs of the people. I know how to prioritize the needs as far as getting the job done.