Municipal judge attacked by swarm of bees Aug. 17

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Orange Grove Journal

Two men were seriously injured during a bee attack on Aug. 17, including Orange Grove Municipal Court Judge Charles Reynolds.

Reynolds, 81, was clearing away weeds and brush from under his camp house at his property five miles west of Orange Grove, along with four other individuals who were hunting on the property.

A large swam of bees flew out from beneath the camp house, attacking Reynolds and a 70-year-old Alvin resident, who was part of the group. Both the unidentified man and Reynolds were stung multiple times, with the judge receiving the brunt of the attack.

The other three men, after witnessing the swarm descend on the judge and their friend, ran to a safe distance. The unidentified victim made his way to the safety of a nearby trailer.

EMS soon arrived on scene, but were unable to reach Reynolds because of the numerous bees in the vicinity.

Orange Grove Volunteer firefighters arrived at the ranch and immediately donned protective clothing and pulled Reynolds from the area and into the hands of EMS paramedics. Both victims were rushed to CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Alice for their injuries.

Reynolds said he had more than 200 stingers removed from his body and face. The marks of the event are still clearly noticeable more than two weeks later. The 70-year-old man was not as injured, and within a week was out fishing, Reynolds said.

Reynolds was placed on medication for his intense swelling. The judge was blind for four days after the event because his eyelids swelled shut due to numerous stings to his face.

He was eventually released from the hospital, and this week began another round of medication to help heal the red sting points, which cover his face and arms. Although still sore from his injuries, Reynolds was back in his office, holding court Wednesday morning.