During a Border Star operation by Alice police on Friday, an officer attempted to pull over a motorist on N. Johnson Street when the two occupants in a black Yukon turned into the Casablanca Bar and jump out to flee, officials said.

Both men were arrested.

Israel Molina, 39, and Guadalupe Guerrero Jr., 29, are known gang members with Latin Kings, officials said. Both were charged with possession of controlled substance. Guerrero was also charged with bond forfeiture, evading arrest, burglary of building and non-payment of child support, jail officials said.

Police had to give chase to both individuals during the incident which happened just before 6 p.m. Friday. One ran inside the Casablanca Bar in the 300 block of N. Johnson St. and the other went in the opposite direction. Police captured both men.

Witnesses told police  Guerrero, who ran inside the bar, pulled his shirt off and left a package inside the bar. After police searched the bar, a half ounce of cocaine was discovered. Molina consented to a search of his vehicle and another two ounces of cocaine was located, officials said.

Sheriff’s department Sgt. Mark Regalado assisted with a K-9 search inside the bar with his dog Ivo.

Police secured the area and all patrons of the bar were asked to wait outside for about an hour until police gathered all evidence.

Molina was released at about 2 a.m. Saturday on a surety bond of $5,000 and Guerrero still remained in jail as of Saturday morning.