A man who used a walker while in district court last week and whose sentence was delayed for health reasons seems to be improving.

Last week, Matthew Jimenez, 23, hobbled into district court, pushing his walker ahead of him. He sat in front of the judge’s bench, and appeared winded from the effort of walking. District Judge Richard Terrell accepted Jimenez’s guilty plea for an aggravated robbery, but delayed sentencing because Jimenez said he had a pending operation. Jimenez slowly made his way out of the courtroom that day a guilty, yet still free man.

On Sunday, a much healthier Jimenez was arrested by the Alice Police Department after he and several other individuals allegedly broke into a home on Palo Blanco Street and assaulted three people.

Jimenez now faces three counts of aggravated assault, burglary of a habitation, engaging in organized criminal activity and criminal mischief, police reports stated.

In the early morning hours Sunday, Jimenez, Esteban Arroyo Jr., Patricia Lopez and a 16-year-old juvenile allegedly forced their way into a residence in the 200 block of Palo Blanco and assaulted Miranda Contreras, police reports stated.

Contreras told police the group broke several of her front windows, made their way into her home, and used a green aluminum bat and concrete brick to commit the assault, police reports stated.

Richard Salinas and Roxanna Ortiz were also with Contreras in the home, and allegedly were subjected to the same treatment afforded to Contreras.

According to police reports, both Salinas and Ortiz were dragged out of the home after allegedly being assualted, and then were assaulted again with the same instruments.

All three victims suffered from facial swelling, according to the report, and Ortiz and Salinas suffered scratches on their backs and shoulders from having been dragged outside, according to the report. Police picked up the four suspects in a tan Chevrolet truck located in the 300 block of Laurel. A green bat was found in the back seat of the vehicle, according to the report.

The juvenile was processed and transferred to the San Diego Juvenile Detention Facility. Lopez faces charges of burglary of a habitation, two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, criminal mischief and engaging in organized criminal activity, with bonds totaling $45,500.

Arroyo was charged with criminal mischief, burglary of a habitation, engaging in organized criminal activity and aggravated assault, with bonds totaling $45,500.

Jimenez was charged with burglary of a habitation, three counts of aggravated assault, one count of engaging in organized criminal activity and one count of criminal mischief.

According to an administrator at the Jim Wells County Jail, Jimenez did not enter the facility with a walker or any other walking aid, and did not receive any special medical treatment during his stay. 

On Monday morning, Assistant Dirstrict Attorney John C. Lemon filed a motion to revoke bail bond on Jimenez because of his arrest on Sunday. Jimenez was out on pre-trial bond supervision for a previous burglary of a building charge and was awaiting sentencing on the aggravated robbery charge.

 Following the motion filing, Judge Terrell immediately signed an order to revoke Jimenez’s bond.