Temperature changes cause breaks in lines

Ofelia Garcia Hunter, Alice Echo-News Journal

Water spewed from several hydrants on Main and Front streets Friday to help relieve water pressure to repair at least eight water leaks that were caused from the weather, city officials said.

"We are having numerous water leaks throughout town because of the cold weather," Mario Garza, director of public works with the City of Alice said. "We had a large water leak on Texas Boulevard in front of the new Walgreens and we had to repair a 10-inch line."

The city water leaks were located on North Adams Street, North King Street, East Main Street, two on Texas Boulevard, Newberry Street, Apple and Plum streets and Monte Vista Drive.

Garza said city crewmembers were busy Thursday and Friday repairing about six leaks in the city. He said the freezing temperatures and rainy weather caused the pipes to crack and leak.

On Main and Front streets, several water hydrants flooded the streets as water was flowing out and into the storm drains.

"The freeze is not the actual cause, it's when it starts to warm up," Victor Ortiz, assistant public works director with the City of Alice said. "The pipes start to bend and the bells on the pipes break."

Garza said the hydrants were purposely opened to allow pressure to lower in the lines.

"In order to clamp and repair and remove the lines, pressure needs to be reduced," he said.