Officers to enforce two-hour parking limit downtown

Ofelia Garcia Hunter, Alice Echo-News Journal

Drivers who violate the two-hour parking limit in the downtown area will have to pay a parking fine of $110, an increase of more than $40, police officials said.

"Vehicles will be marked and if they don't move, they will be issued a citation," Police Chief Danny Bueno said.

According to police, parking fines increased from $68.50 to $110 recently, which includes court costs.

Officers are designated two-hour parking zones to monitor and will do so closely, Bueno said.

Appointed police officers mark vehicles two to three times daily and watch for violators that park for more than two hours in one spot.

Bueno said the police department is in the process of purchasing a boot - a device that attaches to a vehicle's tire and makes it immovable - which the city is expected to receive soon.

"We had ordered a traffic boot," Bueno said. "It will be used to be placed on the vehicle."

Police encourage employees who work downtown to limit their parking on East Main Street.

"We urge business owners and employees to abide by the two-hour parking," he said.