Alice police responded to a report of arson at a residence located at 300 Humble Street after glass bottles used as cocktail bombs allegedly struck the house causing a fire.

According to the report, at 4:04 a.m. Thursday Officer Enrique Saenz was dispatched to the residence were he met with the homeowner, Victor Gomez, who advised he and his girlfriend were at home when they heard something strike the house.

Gomez told police that a minute later his girlfriend said she smelled smoke.

He stated when they looked outside they found the northeast corner of the home, around the window, was on fire.

Gomez states in the report he extinguished the blaze on the house, which melted the plastic windowpane and lit some linen that were thrown underneath the window on the ground.

He stated he also located a bottle on fire about three feet north of the front door on the ground, which he also extinguished.

Gomez told police the glass bottle contained a liquid that smelled like gasoline and had a rolled up paper extending out through the top.

According to the report, Gomez moved the bottle located in front of the home to another location at the steps of the home next door. Saenz states in the report he advised Gomez to leave the bottle in its place until an investigator arrived, but a neighbor then threw the bottle on the pile of linen that had caught fire.

Saenz states in the report in the pile of linen he observed “what appeared to be the remains of the bottle thrown against the home.”

Sgt. Tony Aguilar arrived on scene and processed the location. Gomez was given a victim’s letter.