A female subject was arrested sunday on Terrell St. for stealing a friend's laptop.

An officer arrived at the residence and spoke with the reporting party, Nola Robles. Robles said her friend, identified as Nina Zapata, was visiting her at her apartment. Robles said she left her residence for a few minutes to get something to eat while Zapata stayed at her residence. When Robles came back, Zapata seemed a bit nervous and asked her if she could drop her off at her sisters house. When Robles dropped Zapata off and returned to her residence, she noticed her Toshiba laptop was missing.

Robles called Zapata and asked if she'd seen her laptop and after talking awhile she admitted to have taken the laptop. Zapata said she would return the laptop if Robles gave her $20 to which Robles agreed to.

The officer followed Robles to Zapata's residence and made contact with her. Zapata had the laptop in a bag and was returned to Robles and arrested Zapata for theft. Zapata was taken to the Alice Police Department for processing and then to Jim Wells County for incarceration.