Circus fun and excitement comes to the Valley Jan. 12 to 14 as the world class Shrine Circus performs five exclusive shows for the families of Kingsville and Alice. The first performance will be in Kingsville at the J.K. Northway Expo Center on Monday Jan. 12 at 6:30 p.m., followed by another two performances at the Expo Center on Tuesday, Jan. 13 at 4:15 and 6:15 p.m. The Circus will then move over-night and open the next day on Wednesday, January 14 for two performances at 4:15 and  6:15 p.m.  at the Jim Wells County Fairgrounds Arena

Featuring performers from 13 countries along with the most amazing performing animals in the world today. The Shrine Circus will bring smiles and thrills to young and old alike as the most original form of family entertainment, the circus, comes to town.

This year’s circus is the biggest and best ever. All new lighting and sound will dazzle the audiences, putting the spot light on some of the most amazing circus acts to ever come to South Texas.

• Texas native Michelle Audrey, Ring Mistress.  Texas’ very own Michelle Audrey will welcome excited circus fans as the beautiful Ringmistress of this year’s Shrine Circus. The elegant Audrey will dazzle and amaze as she guides thrilled audiences through the spectacular Shrine Circus. As one of the only Ring Mistresses in the circus world today is especially gratifying for Michelle Audrey. "Texas is home and I’m delighted to be a part of bringing the magic of the circus to the families of the Kingsville, Alice and surrounding areas.", said Michelle Audrey.  "The Shrine Circus is for everybody and I’m so pleased that the Shriners have made the event affordable so all families can attend. In these tough economic times we need fun time with our families more than ever.  The circus is truly a fun family adventure,” said Michelle Audrey, whose husband Israel is also a part of the show as prop boss.

• Lloyd’s Giant Old English Sheepdogs. This canine comedy act is more of a family presentation than one might originally perceive, because Juan Raul Rodriguez and his wife Margaret Lloyd firmly feel the dogs are a part of the family. That may be stretching a bit, but at least their furry friends are a family of their own. Annie and Rufo were the animal part of the act themselves, until they had puppies. Now, Tramp, Gaucho, Benji, Negro, Emma, Lady Trixie are all in the show with them. Intelligent, loving, friendly and naturally comedic, these happy looking animals really do love to perform and so do their two-legged partners.

Juan was a clown by profession as were his father and grandfather before him. Having worked with a balloon chasing boxer, the idea of clowning in a big, hairy dog suit followed. Then came the idea of the real thing:  The friendly funny interrelationship of the big sheepdogs and Juan. 

Juan Rodriguez is a world-class performer. He brings a fresh approach to everything he does,  original clown acts and unique animal presentations. His "Lloyd’s Old English Sheep Dogs" have performed in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, The Caribbean and throughout South America in     some of the finest circuses.

Bring in the Clowns! Our ragbag rascal rambunctiously rambling clown comes into the ring to entertain and amuse you. Crazy antics and wacky charm tickles your fancy and win your heart! The Leoni Troupe, our dippy diplomats from Mexico, bring delight, laughter and joy to audiences

• Bo, the star of the show. The largest performing elephant in the planet! This majestic pachyderm entertains the audience in his rock and roll debut. The most amazing performing elephant in the world, This beautiful animal will warm your heart with his graceful maneuvers.

• Not to be missed, The Georgettes, twelve beautiful and talented dancers bring stage and sound together as they provide rhythm and grace to the show. But wait, they are aerialists too. Watch as these beauties climb to the sky, in a dazzling display high above the ground. 

The Shrine Circus is the only interactive circus in the world. Audience members are allowed into the circus rings before, during intermission and after the show. Guests get to meet the performers up close, ride the elephants and ponies and play games.

The Shrine Circus brings affordable family fun to everyone. Ticket prices are $14 for children and $16 for reserved. Free child tickets good with the purchase of a regular priced adult ticket have been distributed to many businesses in the Kingsville-Alice area.  The free passes may redeemed subject to availability day of performance only at the circus location.

The Al Amin Shrine is pleased to announce a special advance discount ticket program being made available through local stores in the area. A limited number of specially priced $10 tickets good for a child or adult are being made available for advance sale only at Mario’s Grocery & Meat Market at 502 S. Texas Blvd.

Not only are these tickets more than 35-percent off the normal full price, they are good for any of the following performances:

• Monday, Jan. 12

6:30 p.m., Kingsville, J.J. Northway Expo Center

• Tuesday, Jan. 12

4:15 and 6:15 p.m.    Kingsville, J.J. Northway Expo Center

• Wednesday, Jan. 14

4:15 and 6:15 p.m.    Alice, Jim Wells County Fairgrounds Arena

The specially discounted $10 tickets may not be combined with the free child passes.

The Shrine Circus is a major fundraiser for the Al Amin Shriners (  a non-profit fraternal organization. Proceeds from the circus are for the benefit of the Al Amin Shrine fraternal operations and contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions. The circus is a great tool to help the mission of the Al Amin Shriners in helping better kid’s lives.

The Al Amin Shriners have a long history of bringing top quality family entertainment to families throughout the South Texas Valley. Keeping ticket prices low so that everyone can afford to go to the circus is an important part of making the circus special for everybody.