Last Tuesday, the Texas Department of Transportation in coordination with the Federal Highway Administration released the I-69 Trans-Texas Corridor Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

The 1,072-page report recommends additional detailed examination and public comment on a narrower study area to see where I-69/TTC can be located while minimizing environmental impacts.

Using existing highways would be considered first as state transportation officials continue work to identify an alignment.

The complete DEIS can be found at

Printed copies will be available in public libraries within the corridor in the coming weeks, as well as local TxDOT area and district offices.

TxDOT will begin an unprecedented public involvement effort. In January, 10 town hall meetings will be held along the corridor to answer questions about the Trans-Texas Corridor.

Beginning in February, 46 public hearings are scheduled to take public comment on the DEIS document.

These dates and locations will be released soon.

For more information, you may call the I-69/TTC project office toll free at 1-866-554-6989 or visit

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