Problem found: City's officers were being paid out of wrong department

Michael Chartier, The Premont Journal

After last week's budget workshop showed the city of Premont over budgeted $10,000 on salaries and wages for the offices of city secretary and municipal clerk, the problem has been found, said city secretary Iris Flores.

Flores said two people were being paid out of the wrong department for the period of April to June.

"Two police officers were being paid out of the budget," Flores said.

Mayor Norma Tullos considered this a clerical error and determined the city budget is under control.

"Of course we're going to be concerned when we look at the budget and something is wrong here," Tullos said.

She added that after speaking with the city's accounting firm, Womack and Womack, she was assured both offices are under control, including the police department.

"They look good. So no," Tullos answered about the error throwing off the Premont police department budget.

Also on the horizon is Oct. 1, which will start the city's new budget.

Tullos said preliminary reports are being done and another budget workshop will be scheduled leading up to that date.

Flores added that overtime wages, which were over budget with still one quarter left on the current budget, needed adjusting for her department.

Flores cited meetings, elections and other factors for the city spending nearly fifty percent more than the original allotment.

"They probably need to budget a little bit more (overtime)," Flores said.