Teams to compete at district level; hope to advance

The 4-H consumer life skills project helps youth gain knowledge and skills to become successful and satisfied consumers.

Everyone is a consumer and being a consumer is a role that lasts a lifetime.

We all make purchases to satisfy our basic human needs for food, clothing, and shelter. As consumers, we also have a variety of wants - other goods and services we would like to have.

The consumer decisions we feel best about are those based on a thorough knowledge of all possible facts about the consumer good or service we are about to purchase or use.

Having good consumer life skills helps consumers make wise choices in today's complex and diverse marketplace. Through the 4-H Consumer Decision Making Contests, youth have the opportunity to demonstrate and apply their consumer decision making knowledge and skills.

Jim Wells County 4-H has a very active consumer life skills project and very successful Consumer Decision Making Teams.

The teams have been evaluating consumer products such as backpacks, tennis shoes, emergency radios, sunscreen, insect repellent, gold jewelry, photo printing, and gift cards to get ready for their contests.

Recently the teams competed at the Kleberg County Livestock Show and San Antonio Livestock Show Consumer Decision Making Contests. Decked out in their "Show Me the Money" T-shirts, the teams marched to the podiums to pick up their awards.

At the Kleberg County Contest, the junior team of Margaret Stone, David Gebert, and August Bluntzer placed fourth and Gus Bluntzer was eighth Hi-Point Individual.

The intermediate team of LeeAnn Eoff, Ashton Fine, Kristoper Gebert, and Sam Stone placed second. Lee Ann Eoff was third High-Point Individual, Ashton fine was fourth High-Point Individual, and Thomas Rodriguez was fifth High-Point Individual. The senior team of Henry Uribe, Tabby Brown, Amelva Resendez, and Veronica Resendez placed third and Veronica Resendez was ninth High-Point Individual.

At the San Antonio Livestock Show Consumer Contest this past weekend, the junior team of David Gebert, August Bluntzer, Amber Paz and Justin Wofford placed ninth out of 23 teams. Amber Paz was 14th High-Point Individual. The intermediate team of Ashton Fine, LeeAnn Eoff, and Thomas Rodriguez placed seventh out of 33 teams. LeeAnn Eoff was 9th High-Point Individual.

The intermediate team of Kristopher Gebert, Sam Stone, and Anissa Valverde placed 14th. The senior team of Veronica Resendez, Jennifer Nesloney, and Amelva Resendez place 8th out of 40 teams. Jennifer Nesloney was the eighth High-Point Individual. The senior team of Kassey Parisher, JoAnna Chapa, and Tabby Brown placed 13th.

The 4-Hers will next compete at the District 12 4-H Round-Up Contest in hopes of advancing to the state contest.

- Barbie Wymore,

County Extension Agent - 4-H, Jim Wells County