A male subject was arrested for possession of a 3.7 grams of cocaine on late Sunday night.

An officer was conducting a traffic stop at Alto and S. Cameron on a Ford pickup for failure to stop at a posted stop sign. While conducting the traffic stop the officer saw a male subject, identified as Reyes Mendoza, exit a residence and walk onto the scene of the traffic stop to hand the driver of the pickup a cigarette.

The officer made contact with Mendoza and patted him down for officer safety. While the officer patted down Mendoza he detected a strong odor of marijuana emitting from Mendoza's person. When the officer advised Mendoza about the odor, Mendoza became visibly nervous. The officer asked Mendoza if there were any narcotics in his residence due to his odor and Mendoza said there were not. The officer then asked Mendoza for consent to search the residence, Mendoza declined stating that the residence was not his. Mendoza said he stays at the residence but it belongs to his ex-wife. The officer advised Mendoza that he could obtain a search warrant, at which time Mendoza escorted the officer inside.

Once inside Mendoza advised the officer that he had a baggie of cocaine on the kitchen table where he showed the officer two baggies containing a white powdery substance were. The officer searched the kitchen and located a digital scale commonly used for the weight of narcotics. The officer dispatched for a canine from Jim Wells County for assistance at which time a deputy arrived.

The deputy searched the middle of a bedroom and advised the officer that the canine was showing interest on the carpet floor. The officer searched the bedroom and found a bill bottle located in a guitar case. The bottle contained eleven baggies of the white powdery substance. No other contraband was located in the residence and the officer placed Mendoza under arrest.

The 13 baggies containing the white powdery substance was weighed at approximately 3.7 grams.