Melissa Ash, Jim Wells County Correspondent

PREMONT - Premont Police Department officers provided extra security as parents, students and faculty gathered at last week's special school board meeting on May 23.

The meeting began with the appointing of school board members to office.

Continuing as president will be Olga Ramirez and Carmela Garcia as secretary. After the assigning of office positions, the board listened to pleas from parents requesting their children be allowed to walk at graduation despite not meeting their TAKS test requirements.

Board member Mark Cantu requested the superintendent make a recommendation as to the actions the board should take regarding the issue.

"I have no recommendation on the issue, it is up to the board," superintendent David Garza said. "If you want my recommendation it is to uphold policy."

The board decided to uphold policy and not allow the seniors to walk.

After two hours, the meeting resumed and the board requested a motion on allowing senior Albert Gonzalez to walk with his class at graduation.

No motion was made, therefore, the superintendent and principal's decision not to allow the student to walk was upheld. Gonzalez had been arrested during school after police K-9 units found unusable amounts of marijuana in his vehicle, school officials said.

"The county attorney dropped the charges for insufficient evidence and he has never been in this kind of trouble before," his mother Angie Barrera said. "In the past, they have caught students with worse substances and still allowed them to walk. What's the difference?"